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Hosted Telephony has moved us away from the constraints of copper phone lines and allowed us to use the technology computer networks have been using since the early 1980′s.

This advancement in technology now allows you to integrate your phone and computer networks reducing the need for infrastructure, eliminating the need for expensive PABX phone systems and allowing you to expand the function, features and geographical boundaries of your phone system.

Some of the features that Hosted Telephony offers are;

  • Multiple sites connected into one phone system
  • Ability to direct internal extensions to mobiles and other external numbers
  • Elimination of the need for phone line rental
  • No more phone cabling in your office
  • No expensive technicians required onsite to make changes to your phone system


How it Works

Our telephony system works by utilising a carrier-grade ethernet connection from your location to your local telephone exchange. The traffic is then carried to the Peering point in your capital city. Our infrastructure is located in or directly connected to these peering points. We then convert your voice calls from IP to traditional ISDN voice and route it to local carriers. By only carrying IP from your handset to our point of presence, we ensure the lowest latency and highest quality calls.

In the event Ethernet services aren’t available in your location, we can also use other broadband providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hosted PBX?

A Hosted PBX is a PBX system which is both provided, and hosted by empower ICT.

Instead of us providing you with the equipment to be stored at your location/premises, we provide equipment inside our secure, air-conditioned and constantly powered Data Centre.

By doing this, we are in a position to substantially reduce the costs associated with having a PBX system for you.

The only hardware you will need are phones.

Your phones connect directly to the Hosted PBX in the same way they do for any other business PBX solution.

Financially, you are able to eliminate installation costs, any upfront capital investment and a large portion of the on-going costs associated with running a PBX system in your office.

Can I Port my Existing Number?

Yes! – Local Number Portability ( LNP ), provides a means for customers to move their phone number from one carrier to another.

This means you may Port / Move your existing phone number to empower ICT.
We can Port PSTN and ISDN Numbers from the following providers below:
We are capable of porting numbers in any area in Australia
If you have any doubts, please call us on 1300 850 210 for more information.

Can I get this in my Area?


It doesn’t matter where you are located in Australia. empower ICT can provide you with a VoIP connection. Just make sure you have a broadband internet connection first and we can connect you within a matter of hours.

For more information on empower ICT and our VoIP services please call 1300 850 210

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