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Dedicated Support

Your own team of IT and computer professionals available to provide support services both remotely and onsite in Perth and WA.

Advanced Monitoring

Our advanced software checks in with your PCs and servers to alert us to any problems before they cause downtime for your business.


Let us help you with your strategic projects and IT initiatives. Our consultants can provide you with the solutions you need to ensure you can operate your business without any interruptions.

If it connects, we support it

Did you know that we can monitor and proactively support almost any device that connects with a network cable or wireless device? As the small business IT support company of choice in Perth, our experts at empower ICT even have the capacity to tell you when your printer is running low on toner!

The solutions we can deliver for you are designed to support your business’ goals and objectives and assist when it comes to increasing your overall productivity. Our technical expertise allows us to provide solutions for your computers further to our suite of IT support services, no matter whether you’re based in Perth or another city or remote region around Australia.


We take the time to understand your business and the IT systems you need. This ensures we identify any issues early on and rectify them quickly, so you can get back to business.

  • IT audits, assessments and analysis
  • Prioritise IT requirements
  • Provide recommendations
  • Manage upgrades
  • Stabilise environment


Our consultants will monitor, manage and maintain your IT systems, resolving any issues to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible without unnecessary downtime.

  • Monitor
  • Maintain
  • Protect
  • Resolve
  • Respond


As part of our IT support services, we’ll work closely with you on an ongoing basis to improve your IT efficiency and productivity, which will lead to an increase in business profitability.

  • Business growth strategies
  • Budget planning
  • New technology analysis
  • Capacity planning
  • IT review meetings

Why Choose Us?

We’re Smart

We’ll help you make intelligent IT decisions that will allow you to focus on your business and increase your productivity. We’ll build, manage, and support systems that will save your business’ time and money, especially money.

We’re Clear

As part of our holistic approach, we’ll keep the techo-babble to a minimum and make sure you understand exactly what we’re trying to say each and every time we communicate. You can’t make informed decisions if what we’re saying sounds like nonsense.

We’re Agile

Our consultants will work with you, which means we’re not constantly trying to sell you. We’ll never push you to use technology you’re not comfortable with, and we’ll work tirelessly to find products and services that align with your company’s culture.

We’re Dependable

The services our empower ICT consultants can provide for your business means we’ll be there for you through the migrations, moves, and any late-night problem you may have. You can lean on us, and rest assured your IT services are in good hands.

Whether you operate a small or large business in the city or a remote region, we know what IT and computer support services and solutions you need. To speak to Perth’s IT experts, contact our team at empower ICT today on 1300 850 210.

Since partnering with empower ICT we have experienced great customer service, great advice, implementation of leading edge IT solutions without any fuss or major disruption, responsive and proactive support and reduced IT costs. Our systems are running as desired with the minimum of management time spent worrying about IT even though the systems are absolutely critical to the efficient and effective functioning of the Academic Group business every minute of every day.

Academic Group

empower ICT are our ideal IT consultant, they understand the importance we place on all our systems working well and working 100% of the time.

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